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TEAAM is a not for profit society comprised of advanced care and primary care paramedics, emergency physicians, nurses, technical rescue specialists and other mountain professionals dedicated to providing leading edge pre-hospital care and transport in austere settings. In collaboration with Blackcomb Helicopters, we are able to provide aeromedical transport in hoist and HETS (long line) capable aircraft. TEAAM relies on donations to operate this service.

For 27 years, Blackcomb Helicopters has provided a range of helicopter services to the South Coast of British Columbia. Blackcomb Helicopters provides helicopter service for medevac, search and rescue, wildfire response, remote work sites, heliskiing, BC hydro, backcountry adventures, sightseeing, filmwork, and a host of other commercial services. With an unparalleled safety record, Blackcomb Helicopters operates a fleet of 18 helicopters, allowing us to utilize the appropriate aircraft for each mission profile.


We always have our medical/rescue crew on standby during daylight hours, ready to respond within minutes of a call for assistance.



TEAAM is a group of paramedics and physicians dedicated to providing advanced life support (ALS) medical care in remote, difficult to access locations. Using hoist and long line (HETS) equipped helicopters, TEAAM can access patients in remote industrial sites, forestry operations, First Nations communities, and marine environments. Once on scene, TEAAM will provide cutting edge, advanced medical care to allow for quick and safe extrication and transport of patients.



  • Is TEAAM a not-for-profit?
    Yes. TEAAM is a patient focused not-for-profit program.
  • Does TEAAM have paid staff?
    Yes. Like other not-for-profits, TEAAM has paid professional staff to respond to life and limb threatening emergencies in remote settings.
  • How is TEAAM different from BC Air Ambulance or STARS?
    TEAAm provides a similar level of advanced life support/critical medical care, however TEAAM also utilizes hoist and fixed long line equipped helicopters, auto extrication, mountain rescue guides, swift water rescue specialists and more austere medicine capability.
  • Does BC need TEAAM?
    TEAAM fills a significant and clearly identified gap in prehospital care in BC.
  • Does SAR do what TEAAM does?
    TEAAM fills a gap in prehospital care that is outside of volunteer SAR team mandates. We respect volunteer SAR and fulfill a very different mandate.
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